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Set your  "Seitz" on a Better Smile!

Smile Implant

If you've lost teeth because of cavities, injuries or other issues, it isn't too late to save your smile. Dental implants from Ark City Dental will help restore your ability to chew and give you the look of beautiful, healthy teeth.

"Doc, so far so good.Nice Choppers!  Thought you'd like the card!"

-Marty Capron

Whether you're self-conscious about missing teeth, tired of uncomfortable dentures, or aren't happy with your partial dentures, implants can help. These strong, sturdy posts will anchor your replacement teeth for exceptional chewing and appearance.

Get the benefits of implants

•  Replace one tooth

•  Replace several teeth

•  Support a full set of dentures

•  Safe titanium

•  Improved chewing

•  Natural looking appearance

Safe implants to improve your smile

When you choose dental implants, you want to know that they're put in perfectly.

When you work with John D. Seitz, D.D.S., F.A.G.D., you'll have 20 years of experience 

backing your procedure.

The experience you need for perfect implants

Restore your smile with dental implants